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Youku Tudou Inc., (formerly Youku Inc.) doing business as Youku (Chinese: 优酷; lit.: 'excellent/cool'), is a video hosting service based in Beijing, China. It operates as a subsidiary of Alibaba Group Holding Limited.

A user shared this top critical review "Youku is such a brazen youtube ripoff---except it is scrubbed by the chinese government...Free speech? Not here. This is a nerfed site designed to give chinese people videos that are safe from ideas that might disturb the local power structure."


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GAP Team Specialist (Former Employee) says

"You can learn a lot of valuable info working here about your credit and how to manage it but its not a great place to work. no control over their attendance info and often let people go for issues that are out of their control."

Consumer Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"You could clock in everyday on time and leave a little later every day you could also win employee of the month and have the highest quality scores in the office but they will still fire you for stupid reasonsCo workersLies"

Customer Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Experian would look like getting to work thirty minutes early to log into the computers and phone systems, having terrible managers treat you like trash, unfair dialog on employees, unfair treatment towards race, unjust pay."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I would recommend this job to someone who likes to work in call centres but doesn't care for the customer aspect of service. Very compliant role with virtually room for imagination or ingenuity.canteen on sightStrict floor"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Not able to eat at your desk, not able to talk. Vacation scheduling tool has employees fighting over time off. No cell phones are allowed in the work area."

Research Analyst (Former Employee) says

"At the time of my employment this location was a scary place to work. The integrity of the data being processed was minimal at best and probably a miracle that anyone's credit score was remotely accurate."

Accounts Receivable Associate (Former Employee) says

"no reviews, I never worked for experian. so there is obviously nothing i can say about the company as a whole. I only had ran experian reports as a accounts recievable position"

Accounting Clerk (Current Employee) says

"I found myself beset by yet another protectionist, technocratic culture in the finance department. People blaming you for not knowing proprietary stuff. The first hour is actual accounting work, the rest of the day is scanning paper documents. I went to college for this??The job asks you to make copies and binders so you never use your actual skills or experience. The job is a match for anyone that has no ambition of advancement.The job is a perfect match if you're not interested in advancement.Terrible pay, terrible hours, no benefits until you're allowed to transfer to permanent status."

Agent (Former Employee) says

"management is horrible girl pick on me in my supervisor ask her about it and she denied it and I'm the one who got fired apparently you have to be a fake girl to have any of your mail supervisors stick up for you I dread going to work."

Customer Engagement Liaison (Former Employee) says

"you could not bring paper to your desk. you could not do anything between calls. when there was not a campaign, the days lasted forever. There were a lot of cliques.The people are funManagement has no clue"

NA (Former Employee) says

"I highly recommend against employment at Experian, especially the Schaumburg IL location. I initially read the job description and expected to be performing one role and once I started work, the role turned into nothing remotely close to the job description. I basically sat for 8 hours a day not having any work at all. Co-workers and management are not friendly; a very lonely, desolate work atmosphere. Experian (Schaumburg office) is poorly run and highly dysfunctional.Free coffee and fruitPoor management and unfriendly workforce"

SENIOR IT SERVICE MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"People are treated like commodities and are expendable. Proper training is not provided. You are expected to do multiple jobs and never given recognition for anything! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!Not many!Sweat shop!!!"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"From the begining the hiring process was not straight forward with to job, start dates, compensation or schedule. The company gave conflicting information that changed several times while giving very little wiggle room to adjust. They don't keep their records accurately so you have to protect yourself at all times and call them constantly to be sure they stay on top of things. Not flexible with employees and no good benefits. There's so much more to say but a waste of time to keep going. This is just a temporary job for someone who needs a quick check."

GIS Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This job was a good one to have to gain more experience. They were not able to sell the software to any clients, so as a result, my position was eliminated."

Scanner Operator (Former Employee) says

"The job consisted of opening and scanning mail along with nine other scanner operators. The department was understaffed. The upper management refused to hire more people because the company is doing badly. Instead, the department manager focused on bleeding the workers dry. She arbitrarily upped the production requirements despite the fact that the volume of mail doubled within a year. The management is completely tone deaf and/or clueless. The turnover rate is probably around 50% and would be way higher if the economy was better. Some actually quit before having another job lined up because they could not take it any longer. The equipment is old and breaks down constantly. It's a thankless job. The scanner operators are overworked and underpaid. Almost everyone hates being there but they have no choice. That's probably why there is so much arguing and backstabbing going on among the co-workers. In the company hierarchy scanners are at the bottom, but only because the company hires contractors for janitorial duties. To add insult to injury the imaging room features a large window into the hallway which makes you feel like a zoo animal. The pay starts at $11 per hour and features annual raises which are laughable. There used to be quarterly bonuses but they took those away. Bottom line: only apply here if you are truly desperate.NothingEverything"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"As the saying goes “too many chiefs “ no clear direction. They fired all of their wonderful managers a couple years ago. They change employees like they change their socks. It is sad because this is where all of our credit information lyes. The fraud team is actually pretty good."

Head of project Delivery (Former Employee) says

"I would not go near Experian as an employee or customer, they have no understanding of leadership or management whatsoever. They build in an annual bonus as part of the package, but make sure only very senior grades ever actually receive it, and they ALWAYS receive it regardless of performance or results. This is the worst 'them and us' culture I have witnessed.nonelong hours, brutal apprasial process"

Escalation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Bad company. Bad culture. They literally just don't care about the employees as much as they do their bottom line at the end of the year. Don't work for them.Hour long lunches.Everything else."

Global Business Level Quality Assurance Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"They do not value employee contribution, attrition is high due to the level of stress. Career paths were invisible to agents. I think they are working on the above, so it may be different now."

Appeals Support (Former Employee) says

"I worked here previously before Experian bought out the company. The company was previously known as MPV in the San Antonio area. This was by far the worst job I had ever in life. Management is horrible. They micromanage and show entirely too much favoritism towards two specific individuals in the office, who always run back and tattle to the manager. They constantly breathe down your neck, want to meet 2-3 times a week to check the status of your accounts and to "see how you are doing" which is ridiculous! The manager wants too much control over people, the work load and daily operations versus letting you just do your job! The Manager tries so hard to bully people and intimidate you. TAKE MY ADVICE, DON'T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME OR BOTHER!! PLUS THE HR DIRECTOR IS MARRIED TO ONE OF THE EXECUTIVE STAFF MEMBERS. Talk about a conflict of interest! RUN AND STEER CLEAR OF THIS ESTABLISHMENT.nothing whatsoevermanagement, no growth, hostile work environment, horrible pay, expensive benefits"

Zhi Ruo says

"A lot of chinese videos. Not like Youtube, but it is very good too! Please, more videos on english :-)"

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